September on air debut is a success, with 212,200 viewers tuning in since launch.
Nickelodeon Consumer Products' new girls property, Winx Club, has got off to a strong start on-air, in turn giving the licensing programme a boost.
The show launched in September on Nickelodeon and was the number two rated show on the channel for its launch weekend, plus the number one show for girls aged eight to 15, boosting ratings by 58 per cent.
Since launch 212,200 viewers have tuned in.
Having bought the rights to the property last year, Nickelodeon revoiced the existing content with in-house talent - including Keke Palmer from True Jackson and Ariana Grande from Victorious - adding new themes and songs.
Nickelodeon UK is currently airing a compacted version of the first two series in four 90-minute specials. It will premiere series three and four in early 2012. A new CGI animation is in development and due to air in autumn/winter 2012, when the consumer products range is due to launch.

Jakks is the global master toy partner, with NCP planning to expand the programme significantly over the coming months.
"It's great to see Winx Club being so well received by target audiences," said Mark Kingston, VP UK & Australia and pan-European retail development, NCP. "This bodes well for the show's licensing programme and confirms its rightful place in Nickelodeon's property portfolio, sitting between Dora the Explorer for pre-schoolers and tween and teen properties such as Victorious and Big Time Rush.
"We're looking forward to working with licensees and retailers on this exciting project and ensuring the Winx Club magic is spread across the UK."
It looks like the Winx are taking over the UK very well. And they said we would get season 3 & 4 early next year.So that could mean that it might come to America next month! Hopefully! :)
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  1. its good to hear England is doing good with Winx rating. Canada on the other hand, I didn't realize it already aired the first special, cause just today Nick Canada aired revenge of the Trix, on Canadian thanks giving day. I don't think they've been doing strong advertising here, I mean Nick isn't even automatically available on all cable providers, its like channel 135 with my family's cable for example >_< I wish YTV the local channel that played the 4kids dub years back aired this Winx too, oh well, just 6 days away for the Shadow Phoenix airs in the states and hopefuly the nick website like the other specials.

  2. Can't wait XD good to here it's going well in the uk!
    It doesn't really have a lot of ads like the us.... but am so excited!lol! so ^ it like basically says it REALLY popular?
    P.S. HOW DO YOU GET THE INFORMATION ON WINX!! It's amazing you know soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! thanks xxx

  3. I'm so glad that it's doing really well here in the UK aswell.
    I can't wait for his weekend for Revenge Of The Trix! @4:30PM!

  4. can't wait till season 5

  5. i can hold my excitement.


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